Stepnell Ltd Commitment to SustainabilityPolicy Statement

Stepnell Ltd Commitment to Sustainability Policy Statement

Issue Date: February 2023 Rev 000


Statement of Intent

This commitment to sustainability formalises the intent of the Board of Directors and all employees of Stepnell Ltd to take a responsible approach towards social, economic and environmental matters that are relevant and to express these in line with the aspirations of the business, thus leading to economic sustainability.


All levels of management have a clear vision of the sustainable enterprise we intend to become. By recognising this, we will drive forward our performance for the benefit of our Clients, stakeholders and other interested parties in the environment in which we work. The business will continuously work to ensure that our environmental, social and economic activities and operations reflect best practice, controlling where practicably possible both direct and indirect social, economic and environmental impacts resulting from the construction process.

Environmental Deliverables

  • Effective waste management, efficient energy use, low carbon material use, biodiversity net gain
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly products and services as well as optimising eco design
  • Implementing the SD16 Stepnell Ltd Carbon Reduction Plan and SD19 Stepnell Ltd Carbon Reduction Strategy which detail our commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050.

Social Deliverables

  • Fair treatment and continual development of employees
  • Positive involvement in the community
  • Providing work based learning opportunities and working with educational establishments
  • Providing local employment opportunities.

Economic Deliverables

  • Sound ethical investment and providing stable employment
  • Pursuing innovation in processes, products and management methods which enhance environmental and social deliverables
  • Understanding and meeting Client requirements in relation to sustainability.

Management Commitment

The management of these impacts is central to the implementation of this policy statement, which is why Stepnell Ltd have defined what Sustainable Development (Sustainability) means in relation to what we do.

Stepnell Ltd are committed to the following sustainability principles:

  • Inclusivity: Through the early engagement of stakeholders and other interested parties who may be affected by our activities in an open and honest manner; also the identification of issues to ensure that no groups or individuals are kept in the dark.
  • Integrity: Through the encouragement of a culture of integrity throughout the business and dealing with other stakeholders who have the same levels of integrity and commitment to sustainability. Through the development of a diverse workforce within the business in order to avoid bribery, abuse, oppression and corruption, and through compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Stewardship: Through consideration of the effect of our activities on the quality of life of our stakeholders and ensuring that decisions made do not irreversibly affect the environment or wider society. Through the considered and careful selection of all resources to minimise their impact on the environment and through the development of competencies relating to sustainable development practices.
  • Transparency: Through the formal review of data and information, and via an honest and transparent method of feeding back information and communications relating to our activities to stakeholders and other interested parties.

Continuous Improvement

The Board of Directors will annually review this policy statement on our approach to sustainable development. This will act as the fundamental framework to assess whether our objectives and targets are being achieved, whilst working towards our aspirations relating to sustainable development.

We will encourage our employees to be responsible, to promote awareness and to participate fully in sustainable development initiatives that contribute to our objectives.

This policy statement will be communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the business and made available to the public and other interested parties.

Individual Commitment

It is the responsibility of individuals at all levels within our business to accept responsibility for working to achieve continual improvement towards sustainable development.


Tom Wakeford