Earth Day 2023

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22 April 2023 was EARTH DAY This year’s earth theme is ‘Invest in our planet’ together: As part of our Procure Partnerships Framework social value commitments and to mark Earth Day 2023, Stepnell, Seddon and Tilbury Douglas are working together to encourage supply chain members, colleagues, and communities to become a ‘Carbon Hero’ in support.

Did you Know Global warming caused by the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses is one of the biggest threats to the environment and we can all do more to reduce our carbon footprint.

We would like to encourage everyone in our networks to sit down and spend 5 minutes calculating your carbon footprint using this handy tool:

Carbon Calculator – Climate Hero

Why should you be a carbon hero?

If you are a colleague:

  • We would like you to feel empowered by your contribution/pledge to your companies and personal goals.
  • Help us secure a future where biodiversity and public health thrive for our future generations.
  • Use a bottom-up strategy to climate change through pledges which will instigate real sustainable change to industries and government polices/agendas at all levels.

If you are part of our local community:

  • We would like you to help us make cultural change, using more public transport and cycle to work schemes
  • Reduce household waste by making better food choices and recycling packaging in the appropriate ways
  • Shopping local to help keep our local economy thrive

If you are a supply chain member:

  • Help us go green by switching to green power vehicles and using sources of renewable energy
  • Collect measurable data from customers and suppliers to create transparency
  • By using recycled packaging. Forestry products such as carboard and paper are not always from recycled or sustainable sources.

What small change can you make to become a #carbonhero?

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