Beating Time & Stepnell Collaboration

Category: Social Value

We are currently on site at Castle Road, Kidderminster, where we are constructing a new 20 unit residential building that will help to support those needing short term accommodation for Wyre Forest District Council.

Procured through Procure Partnerships Framework we are committed to delivering back into the local economy through social value. As part of our commitment to create meaningful impact on the project we have partnered with Beating Time, a charity that supports prisoners’ rehabilitation through music and employment-focused initiatives.

The collaboration, aimed to provide tailored 1:1 careers advice and guidance to inmates at HMP Onley and HMP Hewell, forms part of our broader strategy to enhance social value by facilitating smoother transitions from prison to community life.

Working closely with prison staff and Beating Time we identified inmates who were within six months of their release date. Social Value Manager Natasha Heritage, along with advisors from Beating Time, conducted one-on-one sessions with the inmates focusing on several key areas:

  • CV Writing and Job Applications: Providing guidance on how to craft effective CVs and job applications, highlighting transferable skills and relevant experiences.
  • Career Planning: Assisting inmates in setting realistic career goals and developing actionable plans to achieve them, considering their skills, interests, and the job market.

To ensure continuity, the program includes follow-up support post-release. This will include regular check-ins and additional guidance as needed, helping former inmates navigate the early stages of their employment journey.

This collaboration with Beating Time at HMP Onley and HMP Hewell demonstrates how strategic partnerships and tailored interventions can create significant social value.

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