Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

Issue Date: September 2023 Rev 000

Stepnell is a complete construction partner with proven end-to-end project lifecycle expertise. We serve a broad spectrum of private and public sector clients, ensuring they realise their vision by providing a more holistic approach to project design, build, management and delivery. We are an established, mature business with the resources and infrastructure to deliver larger, more challenging projects.

Stepnell is committed to ensuring that the services, products and activities it provides to clients satisfy their specified requirements in a manner that conforms with contractual and regulatory requirements, and to do so in the most efficient and effective manner through collaboration and whole team working.

Stepnell also ensures that these services are in compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, including in respect of Health, Safety, Environmental and Ethical matters.

Particular emphasis is placed on the experience, expertise and capability of our staff, on the provision of services in a professional manner, and on ensuring the reliability, economy and suitability of the services, products and activities provided.

In particular Stepnell shall:

● Implement and maintain our company standards to ISO 9001:2015 requirements.
● Regularly monitor, review and develop our Business Management System and procedures in order to achieve continual improvement, suitability and effectiveness.
● Set business objectives, as laid out in our Business Management System, and monitor the progress and achievement of these objectives.
● Discuss quality issues regularly with Senior Management and Directors.
● Ensure that this policy and our commitments are communicated to staff throughout our business and available upon request for interested parties.
● Aim to give great service to our customers to meet their requirements and ensure customer referral.
● Ensure that the necessary information, training and resources are provided in order to improve customer experience and performance, and for the requirements of this policy to be implemented.

We believe that business system planning allows our employees to deliver excellent levels of service and that these business systems are key to our success. To ensure we continue to meet that success we will plan, review, monitor and improve our Management System and its requirements.
The Managing Director shall review this policy at least annually or following significant changes.


Tom Wakeford

Managing Director