Paul Kent Halls – Oxford Brookes University

Continuing our successful relationship with Oxford Brookes University with the refurbishment of Paul Kent Halls of Residence.

Works have recently completed at Paul Kent Halls of Residence for Oxford Brookes University, where we have undertaken an extensive update and refurbishment of the existing halls of residence programme, in just 48 weeks, ready for the new student intake in 2021.

There are six blocks of purpose built student accommodation originally constructed in 1997, along with Rowan House which dates back to 1876. Our works comprised the internal refurbishment of all blocks including bedrooms, kitchens, circulation and associated services.

Works at the 145 year old Rowan House included the internal refurbishment of bedrooms,
kitchens, circulation and associated services as well as remodelling of the ground floor reception
and laundries.

Our works also included the internal refurbishment of the student common room, server
room and stores and the renovation of the basement area including the treatment of existing damp.