National Grid Workshop & Stores, Enderby

Construction of a new 2500m2 x 8m2 high workshop and storage facility with offices for the National Grid.

The project consisted of the construction of a 2500m2 x 8m2 high workshop and storage facility with offices.
The building is constructed with a steel portal frame, with a combination of built up and composite cladding walls.
The building sewerage and rainwater drainage is dealt with by sewerage treatment plant and oil separator on site and discharged to a natural drainage stream via an attenuation pond.

Challenges included the potential hazardous nature of a 400KVA sub-station nearby, extreme caution was implemented with regards to vehicle movements through the access route. A permanent height restriction barrier was in place and a National Grid trained Stepnell banksman was allocated to the project to control vehicle access from the site.
The facility is constructed adjacent to the Enderby National Gris 400KVA substation.

Pictures by Beth Walsh Photography- Commissioned by Stepnell 2022.