Environment and Energy Policy Statement

Environment and Energy Policy Statement
Issue Date: May 2024 Rev 000

Statement of Intent and Vision
Stepnell Ltd are fully committed to the protection of the environment, prevention of pollution, and the continual improvement of our environmental and energy performance. It is our commitment and ambition that business decisions enhance the environment and coincide with our aims and growth. We aim to deliver standards of excellence in environmental and energy performance, reinforcing our position as a responsible business in sustainable construction.

To create leadership standards throughout the business that deliver positive behaviours that will drive and deliver effective and forward-thinking environmental commitments and standards for us and Stepnell interested parties (SD07). Where it is within our control or influence and is an integral part of our business, we are committed to:

Complying with environmental legislation, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and other compliance obligations
Protecting and enhancing the environment and its biodiversity by implementing good environmental practices and initiatives
Preventing pollution and reducing the impacts of climate change
Reducing raw material use, waste and water use
Progressive environmental and energy objectives and targets to improve our corporate environmental performance and reduce our carbon footprint
Developing systems to continually improve our data collection, analysis, reporting and auditing
Identify areas of significant consumption, develop improvement measures and report performance
Effective planning and management to reduce impacts and nuisances on the local community
Promoting and encouraging the use of sustainable materials and energy efficient products
Reviewing design activities that consider energy performance improvement
Educating employees about our environmental and energy management measures                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ensuring the availability of information and necessary resources to achieve objectives and energy targets.

Management Commitment
The Board of Directors has accepted and owns the responsibility to demonstrate and commit to effective environmental and energy management performance. The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for ensuring operations fulfil policy statement requirements for environmental and energy management. The Board of Directors will ensure that the corporate objectives are integrated into the business and will demonstrate alignment with the corporate vision and mission to drive continuous improvement. Additionally, the policy statement will be available to view in workplaces and to third parties upon request to show the business’s commitment to environmental and energy management.

Continuous Improvement
The Board of Directors will continually monitor the development and implementation of the policy statement and procedures. Action will be taken to both encourage demonstrable commitment and, where required, to improve any less than acceptable standards or situations.

Individual Commitment
Everyone in the business has a responsibility to ensure that their actions and working practices demonstrate a high standard of commitment to environmental and energy management.

The requirements of this policy statement will be fully integrated into the business via policies and procedures. It is our leadership and behaviours that will ultimately dictate progress and improvement, and the business calls upon all persons to actively cooperate, communicate, contribute and achieve the standards set in this policy statement and procedures.


Tom Wakeford