Anti-corruption in Estimating Policy Statement

Anti-corruption in Estimating Policy Statement
Issue Date: September 2022 Rev 001

The Stepnell Group take their responsibilities for accurate and honest estimating very seriously. As the first activity that they undertake, it is important that they meet the expectations of a potential customer and that that customer is aware of the procedures and integrity with which The Group will tackle that task.

The Group are aware of the potential for anti-competitive and corrupt activities and confirm the following:
● On no account will any company within The Group providing a tender allow any form of inducements to be paid to itself or any employee involved in the tender without the express authorisation of the customer.
● Any suspicion of corrupt activity will be investigated thoroughly by internal staff or external agencies.
● The Group do not condone cover pricing and will neither give nor take cover prices.
● All employees involved in estimating are aware of this procedure and our anti-corruption practices. These will be reinforced on a regular basis.

A copy of this policy is available on request to any customer.


Tom Wakeford