Henwick Road Parking Deck

Worcester, Worcestershire

Working collaboratively with our supply chain partners to develop an effective solution to deliver this technically challenging project, giving our client the peace of mind that it would be predictably delivered safely, on time and on budget

This ten year old development comprising three residential properties had developed significant structural problems. The properties, which appear as bungalows from the road, are in fact four storey town houses built into the river bank overlooking the River Severn. Unfortunately the reinforced concrete parking deck between the road and the houses was cracking and showing signs of distress, due to poor construction and detailing by the original developer. Following discussions with the designer and insurers, we proposed a solution that would include completely removing the existing deck, installing new galvanised steel beams and casting a new waterproofed reinforced deck.

Our main considerations when developing our solution included ensuring the safety of the  public, maintaining the structural stability of the properties, demolishing the deck in a controlled manner, breaking out and removing 400 tonnes of reinforced concrete in a busy residential area and avoiding disruption to the busy A443 route into Worcester.


  • Client:

    Zurich Insurance

  • Architect:

    David Symonds Associates

  • Programme:

    26 weeks

Using collaborative planning techniques, we worked closely with our supply chain partners to develop a solution that overcame the site challenges.

The project was carried out in two phases to enable us to keep within the site boundary and work without road closures. Our temporary works design allowed the deck to be demolished in a safe and controlled manner. By selecting to use of a Brokk 180 demolition rig – a remotely operated tool which uses hydraulic jaws to crunch out concrete safely and without noise or vibration, we ensured that the concrete was broken out within causing any disruption.

The project was successfully delivered on programme and within budget enabling the residents to now safely park in front of their properties.