Eastbank Court

Worcester, Worcestershire

A £6.5 million project for the design and construction of 51 one and two bedroom apartments

Situated on the former Faithful Overhalls manufacturers warehouse site, Eastbank Court now houses 51 one and two bedroom apartments, delivered to NHBC and Robust requirements, as well as Lifetime Home Standards.

The vision for this scheme was to create a residential building that had a luxurious hotel feel. To achieve this a whole new apartment type was designed which included contemporary communal areas such as a Piano Bar and Restaurant.

Its residents are able to maintain their independence and have the privacy of their own front door with an apartment, whilst domestic assistance and additional services are provided to make their life easier.


  • Client:

    Aspen Retirement Ltd

  • Architect:

    Nichol Thomas

  • Programme:

    99 weeks

Stepnell acted as design champion throughout the pre-construction phase, promoting the optimum solution for the occupiers, including ease of use and longevity, ease of build and meeting tight cost constraints.

The structure utilises masonry walls, pre-cast concrete floors and stairs, beam and block ground floor, and trussed rafter pitch roof. Initially Planners had an issue with the ridge height which was resolved by adapting the design to incorporate a low pitch roof.

The building features a curved facade and turret. The courtyards, formed by the configuration of the building, partly enclose the external spaces, protecting them from the weather. This has enabled these spaces to be more temperate and also improves the longevity of the building materials, reducing the level of damaging exposure.

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