Local contractors secure place on £750million construction framework

  • Framework to deliver up to £750million of new investment in construction projects across Midlands and East of England.
  • Eight contractors appointed to deliver community-focused public sector projects with value of up to £7.5million.
  • Next generation framework promises to support public sector’s net zero ambitions with innovative ‘net zero ready’ feature.

SCAPE, one of the UK’s leading public sector procurement authorities, has announced the eight contractors that will deliver up to £750million of new investment in the public sector across the Midlands and East of England via its Regional Construction framework.

Jeakins Weir, Stepnell, GF Tomlinson, Lindum Group, Ashe Construction, Conamar, Clegg Construction and R G Carter have been appointed to help local authorities and public sector organisations deliver ambitious, community-focused construction projects up to a value of £7.5million from 26 August 2022.

Public sector organisations using the direct award framework will gain instant access to high quality construction contractors and an extensive local supply chain, supporting the delivery of projects that will generate social value, training, apprenticeships and leave a positive legacy for local communities whilst helping them to achieve their net zero ambitions.

The new four-year framework will build on the positive impact of SCAPE’s existing Regional Construction framework which has successfully delivered 400 projects over the past four years. During this period, local spend and labour within 20 miles of each project accounted for 62% and 60% respectively of the framework’s output, with waste reduction from landfill achieving more than 96%.

With an increased value banding of up to £7.5million, the next generation framework will operate under a parallel lotting structure to provide public sector clients with a greater contractor choice before commissioning a project.

This is alongside a new ‘net zero-ready’ lifecycle agreement feature, which will support the public sector’s ambitious sustainability goals and provide an effective response to the climate emergency.

The results of the procurement are as follows:

Lot Geography covered: Lot value Project value Organisation
Lot 1 Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire £150m £0 – £7.5m Jeakins Weir
Lot 2 £150m £0 – £7.5m Stepnell
Lot 3 Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland £150m £0 – £7.5m GF Tomlinson
Lot 4 £150m £0 – £7.5m Lindum Group
Lot 5 Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire £37.5m £0 – £7.5m Ashe Construction
Lot 6 £37.5m £0 – £7.5m Conamar
Lot 7 Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough, Suffolk £37.5m £0 – £7.5m Clegg Construction
Lot 8 £37.5m £0 – £7.5m R G Carter

The new £750million framework will be structured into four regions:


John Simons, group procurement director at SCAPE, said: “The next four years represent a pivotal time for public sector construction across the Midlands and East of England to deliver infrastructure that empowers local communities and generates regional economic growth.

“After receiving positive feedback from clients, we’ve enhanced the framework to provide our public sector colleagues with the tools to not only deliver value-driven infrastructure in their areas but support their journey toward a net zero built environment.

“Aligned with SCAPE’s 15-year heritage of empowering local authorities to achieve their infrastructure objectives, the direct award framework is designed to achieve value for money, drive sustainability and deliver a local economic impact on every project.”

Mark Robinson, group chief executive at SCAPE, said: “As we continue to play our part in delivering infrastructure projects across the region that are more sustainable and strengthen local communities, our new framework will help our clients meet their goals and allow local contractors to build long-term relationships to grow their business.

“The addition of a new lifecycle contract form as part of the framework’s ‘net zero ready’ offering is testament to SCAPE’s commitment to supporting clients with energy conservation and the operational efficiency and performance of their assets.

“The new framework will act as a vehicle for contractors to champion greener infrastructure and upskill their teams to be able to deliver on the sustainability ambitions across the Midlands and East of England.”

For full details on SCAPE’s Regional Construction framework, please visit www.scape.co.uk.