Leicester lockdown tightened

Following the Government’s announcement to impose the UK’s first full local lockdown in Leicester, we would like to provide reassurances to our many employees, sub-contractors and customers working and living in the area. The key local changes are ones which will impact non-essential shops, local schools and prevent further planned restrictions from being lifted. These changes will not affect the way the business and our sites have operated throughout the pandemic and we will continue to operate within the current guidelines and procedures.

On our projects in Leicester, Stepnell will continue to follow stringent COVID-19 guidance and prioritise the wellbeing of our employees, supply chain partners, customers and the local Leicester community at all times:

  • Our sites will remain fully operational whilst working strictly within the COVID-19 company procedures and guidelines
  • Our on-site teams will continue to follow COVID-19 company procedures, which have been produced in conjunction with the Government guidelines and the Construction Leadership Council’s Site Operating Procedures for COVID-19
  • Our office teams will continue to work from home
  • All meetings with employees, customers and our supply chain will continue to be held virtually to remove the need for non-essential travel
  • The relaxation of shielding measures on 6 July, will not apply to any clinically-vulnerable colleague living or working in Leicester


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