From multi-storey office developments, to new headquarters, and a range of retail schemes – we work hard to turn our clients’ visions into reality

Stepnell has successfully delivered a variety of projects in the commercial sector – both new build and refurbishment.

We know that most of the building’s whole-life costs can go into running, maintaining and refurbishing it so we don’t just build, we work with our clients to help them look at all of the options available, including sustainable solutions, that will maximise the return on their investment.

Additionally, we not only design and construct new buildings, but transform old ones into high performance premises, which improve productivity and deliver real value.

Our breadth of skills makes us better team players. Because we’re often responsible for a wide range of services, we understand the contribution and requirements of all project partners and work more effectively with them as a result. It is this collaborative approach that ensures our clients get the best whole life value from their facilities.

Our commercial experience