Catesby Tunnel receives fourth award nomination

Catesby Tunnel has been nominated for ‘Construction Project of the Year’ award at the East Midlands Property Dinner 2022. Which is being held on 8th September at the De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham.

This is the 4th nomination for Catesby Tunnel, which is a great achievement and demonstrates the skill, determination and innovative thinking that was put into providing such a unique and exciting project.

Catesby Tunnel is a once in a lifetime project, completed in October 2021. The scheme involved the transformation of the world’s largest blue brick structure, with over 30 million bricks, from a Victorian Railway tunnel, built in 1897, that was in service until its operational retirement in 1996. Bringing all 1.7 miles of the tunnel back to life as a state-of-the-art vehicle testing facility, has been an incredible journey and feat of engineering and not without its challenges.

Aero Research Partners Ltd (ARP), our client, developed a concept to create an active wind tunnel where vehicles, or any other activity, could be motion tested in a completely benign environment.

We have worked collaboratively with ARP since the receipt of planning consent in 2017 to undertake the innovative design and construction works necessary to re-purpose Catesby Tunnel and construct the infrastructure, offices and warehousing necessary to operate the new facility.

Catesby Tunnel, now complete, is set to become a worldwide benchmark for vehicle testing, capable of providing accurate and affordable, full scale aerodynamic and performance data. The constant evolution of the design development, in our quest to achieve the highest quality finishes possible, has resulted in the provision of a world-class facility.

The scheme now houses a 2.7km long straight road test track which allows an extensive range of vehicle assessment studies to be carried out, in a sealed working section to ensure that the environmental conditions are consistent allowing repeatable testing.

It is entered via a specifically designed two-bay building with dividing wall constructed at its entrance to minimise testing teams’ down-time from mobilisation/demobilisation and to maintain confidentiality and protection of sensitive data, technology and design for teams. Providing controlled access through to a large workshop area with weighbridge, vehicle hoist and turntable before access to the tunnel is provided.

Awards Nominations:

East Midlands CE awards 2022

  • ‘Conservation and Regeneration’ award
  • ‘Project of the year’ award

NFB Construction Awards of Excellence 2021

  • ‘Heritage Building of the year’

Insider East Midlands Property Dinner

  • ‘Construction Project of the year’


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