A Leading Provider of Solar Parks

Stepnell built 20 per cent of the UK’s capacity in solar parks in 2011. In partnership with photovoltaics specialist Wirsol, we developed 20MW of the 90MW of solar farms delivered before the October 2011 changes to the feed-in tariff for large scale installations. We believe that despite the feed-in tariff change, solar power remains an important market with requirements for organisations looking to meet carbon reduction targets or lower their cost of energy supply. It also remains an integral solution to meet the building regulation’s requirement for low carbon construction.

>>See the time lapse video of solar farm construction below<<

EvoEnergy and Axiom

Towards the end of 2012 Stepnell was involved with the delivery of two roof top schemes for local authorities in Nottingham and Leicester. Our partner, EvoEnergy, delivered the schemes and Stepnell provided funding and co-ordination support. These schemes aim to provide low cost energy to occupants within Nottingham City Council commercial properties and free energy to social housing owned by Leicester City Council.

In 2013, in partnership with Axiom Solar Limited, we built a new solar park in Gloucestershire adjacent to an existing facility.

In conjunction with our partners, Axiom Solar Limited and EvoEnergy, our expertise includes solar photovoltaic (PV) commercial installations as well as the design, funding, installation and maintenance of large-scale solar developments.

Sunshare Community Nottingham Project

Sunshare Community Nottingham PLC has been created by EvoEnergy and Stepnell. The project is looking to raise £500,000-£896,000 to refinance a total of 572 kWp of roof-mounted solar PV systems across 20 different community sites in Nottingham, that are already installed and generating electricity.

The solar PV systems in this project range from 17.20 – 49.80 kWp and were all installed in 2012 and early 2013. The solar PV systems are roof-mounted on a variety of community buildings in Nottingham. The 20 buildings include nursery, primary and special needs schools, Sure Start centres, two leisure centres and a library.

Stepnell originally funded the installation of the solar panels themselves but are now looking to raise money through Abundance for this project so they can recycle their investment and put that money to work on new development projects.